Friday Morning Kick-Off

Welcome to our new feature called Morning Kick-Off. This will basically be just a little piece on an interesting story or two that we’ve come across or a look ahead at the day’s action across the football world. If you were reading a One Game, One World newspaper with your morning coffee then perhaps you would see this type of Morning Kick-Off news tidbit in it.

Goals? How many tickets have you sold?

Can you imagine the likes of Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, or Didier Drogba helping their clubs sell tickets to fans on the street? That is a scenario unlikely to ever happen in the world of top-level European football. In the Maldives however, this is exactly what is being undertaken by players at club team VB Sports Club.

After a superb 3-2 win over Indonesia’s Persiwa Wamena in the AFC Cup, club officials decided that they wanted to build on the feel-good factor and get as many fans as possible for the team’s next match in the competition against South China on March 17th in Male, Maldives.  So, VB’s players have been recruited to sell tickets in three different tents set up across the city in order to drum up interest and achieve a crowd of about 10,000 supporters.

I thought this was a fantastic story and idea and refreshing to say the least. We are all fans of world-class football at One Game, One World and there is a great interest here in what happens in the top European leagues. Sometimes though we grow tired of the wage demands, tantrums, and perverse behavior of some player, coaches, and officials.

This is the type of story we like to report on and for sure we will be attemtping to follow this news item up with a full story at a later date of VB Sports Club and Maldives football in general.



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2 responses to “Friday Morning Kick-Off

  1. Footyphotog

    Very cool. I would pay just to meet a soccer star, and to get tickets on top just seals the deal! If only a trip to the Maldives were possible 🙂

    oh….and i hope they’re very good at math 🙂

  2. Footyphotog,

    Thanks for your comment, yeah it would be great to meet some players this way. And you are right, let us hope they know how to add up tickets right!

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