Thursday Morning Kick-Off

Good morning everyone! We’ve received some great feedback on our article of Macchindra FC which you can find below. It really is a great story of an up-and-coming club from a part of the world that usually receives nothing but scant coverage. Anyway that’s our job here at One Game, One World, to provide coverage of football in areas that don’t receive it from the mainstream media.

We still aim to cover the big stuff too though and I don’t know if it’s just spring and things always seem to be happening fast, but I have a serious case of World Cup fever this morning. Anyway read on for today’s Morning Kick-Off.

Who’s got World Cup Fever? I’ve Got World Cup Fever

Yes, like I said, serious World Cup fever has hit us here at OGOW. So, just in case I’m not the only counting down (77 days, 9 hours and a bit if you’re wondering), a couple of cool clips for you today. My wife and daughter insisted that I spice up the site a little with these, so without further adieu, here are two World Cup related songs by K’Naan and Akon. Enjoy and let us know which one you think is the best.

K’Naan (featuring David Bisbal), Waving Flag, Official Coca-Cola Anthem For the 2010 FIFA World Cup

Akon (featuring Keri Hilson), Oh Africa, Official Pepsi World Cup Theme Song

MLS Year 15

Major League Soccer (MLS) kicks off tonight with newly created expansion side Philadelphia Union travelling to take on the Seattle Sounders. Should be a good match to kick-off the league’s 15th season. It was only a few days ago that we even learned whether the season would start on time as a strike was averted. The player’s union had threatened a strike over negotiations of a new labor contract. The players wanted a number of things including guaranteed contracts and more rights to bring them in line with other leagues across the globe.

Surely, the players had a great case and were deserving of higher salaries and more freedom. That said, it would be have been unbelievably detrimental to the league’s growth if a strike had taken place. The hardcore fans may have waited it out and returned once the players and the league finally agreed, but who knows how many casual soccer fans would have lost interest completely in the league.

Luckily for footy fans in the States, the league will begin as scheduled. Look for more MLS coverage on the site as the season progresses.

Platini To Run For Re-election

Good news from Israel, where Michel Platini announced at the annual UEFA Congress that he will seek a second term as UEFA President. Some have criticized the former French star for not bringing video technology into Europe, however overall Platini’s first term can’t be described as anything but successful.

Some of European football’s bigwigs were worried that Platini’s ideas would lead to the demise of the European game, but those ideas which include an attempt to raise the European profile of smaller nations on the continent have been good in my opinion. The fact that the Champions’ League qualifiers now have separate sections of Champions and non-Champions is fantastic. After all if you win your league you should be rewarded in some way, however small. That point will be argued by some, but Platini’s desire to fight for the little guy is commendable and will ensure that these smaller countries continue to be competitive and perhaps in the future perform even better and go further in tournaments. 

In recent years, we have seen some superb performances in the Champions’ League and Europa League from Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, and even Cyprus. This is a trend that needs to continue in order to keep interest up in European football at every level in every competition whether it be qualifiers, the group stage of a tournament or in the later rounds.

Platini’s decision to run again for UEFA President means that the sport will continue to be led by a pragmatic and thoughtful individual, should he be reelected of course.



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2 responses to “Thursday Morning Kick-Off

  1. footyphotog

    Both those songs really make me want to dance! Good thing no one can see through the computer!

    They most definitely get me excited for June to come, and are played more than once a day in this household!

  2. Footyphotog, thanks for your post. Yeah, I agree these songs make you want to get up and dance, even a rhythmless guy like myself! I know what you mean about June, the World Cup is going to be fantastic! All the best.

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