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Yumna’s Take: Approaching The End

Here at One Game, One World we hope you have enjoyed the World Cup as we enter the final weekend of the competition. Stay tuned here after the tournament as we will be providing a full tournament recap and analysis.

For now, enjoy another superb offering from our correspondent in South Africa, Yumna Mia. We are sure you will enjoy her fantastic thoughts on the tournament in the last week and the feelings she conveys encapsulating the withdrawal that many in South Africa are beginning to feel as the tournament nears its conclusion. ENJOY!


“My Facebook status on Sunday night (27th June 2010)  read: “I was there…AGAIN!!!


I attended the Argentina Vs Mexico match at Soccer City. It was my second time at Soccer City but  I was still blown away by the sheer beauty of the stadium and the atmosphere surrounding us. On the afternoon before the match we went driving around looking for Argentina flags and snacks to take with to the match. Knapsacks packed, dressed in a million clothes, and as typical Indians, had tea and snacks, we were on our way to the stadium. Once again,  it was amazing walking towards the stadium. I especially loved the Mexican fans even though I was supporting Argentina in this match. They showed up in the most outrageous outfits in support of their team. Continue reading


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