About Us

Welcome to the blog One Game, One World. This site is a celebration of ‘The Beautiful Game’. Our purpose will be to cover the stories and players that are not necessarily in the main headlines of the world football press.

Our main goal is to bring you something fresh, stories off the beaten path where the heart of the game beats strong. Whether it’s previewing the World Cup, talking about football in Liechtenstein or interviewing a player in the lower leagues, our feeling is that there is no story too big nor too small to be covered.

Regular features one will see when visiting include:

Monday Morning Kick-Off : A recap or preview of anything interesting that has caught our eye throughout the football world over the last week.

The Big Match : An in-depth analysis of a particular match. We’ll cover everything from Barcelona-Real Madrid, Manchester United-Chelsea to a big derby in Greece or Australia to even smaller matches that for some reason or another have made an impression on us.

The One Game, One World Interview : A one-on-one with famous players, coaches, and football officials and also not-so famous players, coaches, and football officials. We scour the world over to bring you interesting people’s opinions of football. 

State of the Game : These are profiles on the current state of football in a variety of places. Ever wondered what’s going in the Nepalese league? How Haiti is using football to rebuild after the terrible earthquake? Or how  Honduras is preparing for the World Cup? We cover countries far and wide in this section.

One Game, One World aims to be a site for you the fans. We would love to hear your comments and questions and especially your ideas about what you want to read and how we can improve. Check out the Contact Us section for more information.

Thank you for visiting our site and enjoy!

The One Game, One World Team


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