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World Cup Coverage Continues

Many thanks to all of you who have visited the site recently. We have enjoyed record-breaking numbers for our little site and your visits really make us want to work even harder to bring you quality football coverage. We have completed the 10 previews of the bottom-ranked teams at this World Cup (according to the FIFA Rankings) and now we are glad to bring you more coverage of the 2010 World Cup in the days and weeks ahead.

We will be breaking down each group ahead of the World Cup opener on June 11th. In addition to analysis and some of our own World Cup predictions, we will be bringing you World Cup Morning Kick-Offs before and during the tournament.

In addition of course we will continue bringing you the off-beat stories you have come to expect by visiting us here. Enjoy the coverage and as always we look forward to hearing from you in our comments section.



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Thank You For Your Visits

We are in the midst of a series of interviews lately here at One Game, One World. In the next week we will be giving you a state of the game round-up of Iceland and Liechtenstein and get back to some stories about the game that aren’t usually told in the big football sites. We do like our interviews however in case you hadn’t noticed as we feel we can relay first-hand accounts of what it’s like to play in a certain place.

Today, we present an interview with Eze Collins. This is the second of a three-part series we have put together on Nepali club Macchindra FC (now known as G’Five Macchindra FC). We hope that through the first piece which can be found here, today’s piece on Eze Collins and an upcoming profile of young defender Rohit Chand that visitors will gain an insight into football in a place not normally covered in the mainstream press.

Let us know what you think about Macchindra FC, football in Nepal and Asia, and also any other stories and items you want us to cover. So, drop us a line in the Comments section or check out the CONTACT US section of the site. 

At OGOW, no story is too small if it’s about football. Every nation, club, and player is a story worth telling. We just wanted to send out this quick message to all of you and extend our heartfelt thanks for your visits!

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Stephen Constantine Interview On Soccerphile

We decided to do a little guest blogging here at One Game, One World. Check out the article we did on a fascinating coach named Stephen Constantine who has been around the world in his football travels. The story can be found at:

Take a look around Soccerphile as it has some superb stuff on there. As always let us know what you think of the story!

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Haiti: Football Trying To Rebuild

Seeing the daily images coming out of Haiti in the wake of the devastating 7.0 earthquake on January 12th, I ask myself numerous times how on earth will these suffering people possibly recover from the magnitude of the destruction? Surely we have seen few disasters in our lifetimes that can be placed on the same level as the loss of life and damage that this earthquake in Haiti has caused.

Football may not be the first thing on people’s minds when a catastrophic event likes this takes place and rightly so. However, football, can play a role when a nation is ready to rebuild after such a disaster.

I was able to speak with Haitian Football Federation President Dr. Yves Jean-Bart recently and he described in great detail the traumatic events of last month. Jean-Bart was in the FA headquarters at the time of the earthquake, meeting with other officials to discuss details for the participation of the U-17 Haiti Women’s Team in the upcoming CONCACAF Championship in San Jose, Costa Rica. Continue reading


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Giorgos Diamantis: The Gerrard of the Kambos


Giorgos Diamantis

Giorgos Diamantis

If you ever happen to stumble upon the lower leagues of Greek football, specifically the regional leagues of the city of Larisa, then undoubtedly you will come across Giorgos Diamantis. Diamantis is something of a legend in this area and One Game, One World was lucky enough to catch up with him on a recent trip to Greece.

                We are proud that he represents the site’s first ever interview as this story helps encapsulate what our site is about and that is football coverage of all levels and stories from outside the daily headlines. At first glance, a career spent mostly in the 4th and 5th Divisions of Greek football might not seem all that remarkable, however upon closer inspection it is precisely that sort of experience that gives us a glimpse into the places where the heart of football beats strongest.

                Diamantis has been playing at the amateur level for over 17 years and has been enjoyed titles, goals, assists, and many other club and individual successes. He has played against some top level professionals as well as had some as teammates. His career is all the more impressive because he has never really had a full preseason under his belt.

                His real job, working his family’s cotton fields just outside Larisa in the town of Kambos have ensured that his summers are spent riding tractors and tending to the high quality cotton and wheat that they produce. Still, despite the difficulties that such difficult work and long hours may represent for large parts of the year, Diamantis has always found the time to engage in his true love, football. Continue reading

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