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2010 World Cup Preview: Group B








Group B: Argentina, Nigeria, South Korea, Greece



The Lowdown

Another difficult group to call in this World Cup. The clear favorite is Argentina, though Diego Maradona’s side had a tumultuous qualifying campaign that only saw them clinch a spot to South Africa on the final day of matches. Nigeria, South Korea, and Greece are all harboring hopes of being the second placed team in the group.

Nigeria are a physical side who can boast some top attackers though they are a team that has been inconsistent in recent years. South Korea look primed to finally make a splash at a World Cup on foreign soil, while Greece hope to recapture the spirit of 2004, when the team came out of nowhere to win the European Championship.

Group B is certainly one of the groups that could go all the way to the end of the third matchday before we see who advances. It is one of the less talked about groups, however there is certainly plenty of intrigue here.



What Should Happen

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The Big Match: Panathinaikos-Olympiakos

With all the big matches that were played this past weekend, perhaps it is a surprise to some of you that we would select this one Panathinaikos against Olympiakos, the biggest of all Greek derbies as the one we would cover.

At One Game, One World however we want to cover topics and matches for that matter that don’t get splattered across the daily headlines of every website. So in the future we will certainly cover Manchester United-Liverpool or the A-League Final or the Superclassico in Argentina, but for this weekend we decided to focus on Greek football’s most passionate match. Continue reading

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Friday Morning Kick-Off

We’ve had a lack of features on the site lately due to some time constraints, however don’t worry you daily readers (yes, all 4 of you), we have some good stuff lined up the next few weeks including a profile of club in Nepal, interviews with ESPN’s Derek Rae,’s John Duerden and many other profiles, interviews, and features covering all things from the beautiful game big and small. Ok, on to the Morning Kick-Off.

Champions’ League? Check out the Europa League

The Europa League was supposed to be a boring, second rate tournament, however yesterday’s matches brought back the magic of the old UEFA Cup, you know from years’ past when the UEFA Cup was an exciting, decent tournament. You can change the name and rebrand however you like, but if the matches aren’t of quality to the people watching them then a competition will go nowhere. Thursday’s matches however were the best advertisement UEFA could have hoped for in regards to the Europa League. Continue reading

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Giorgos Diamantis: The Gerrard of the Kambos


Giorgos Diamantis

Giorgos Diamantis

If you ever happen to stumble upon the lower leagues of Greek football, specifically the regional leagues of the city of Larisa, then undoubtedly you will come across Giorgos Diamantis. Diamantis is something of a legend in this area and One Game, One World was lucky enough to catch up with him on a recent trip to Greece.

                We are proud that he represents the site’s first ever interview as this story helps encapsulate what our site is about and that is football coverage of all levels and stories from outside the daily headlines. At first glance, a career spent mostly in the 4th and 5th Divisions of Greek football might not seem all that remarkable, however upon closer inspection it is precisely that sort of experience that gives us a glimpse into the places where the heart of football beats strongest.

                Diamantis has been playing at the amateur level for over 17 years and has been enjoyed titles, goals, assists, and many other club and individual successes. He has played against some top level professionals as well as had some as teammates. His career is all the more impressive because he has never really had a full preseason under his belt.

                His real job, working his family’s cotton fields just outside Larisa in the town of Kambos have ensured that his summers are spent riding tractors and tending to the high quality cotton and wheat that they produce. Still, despite the difficulties that such difficult work and long hours may represent for large parts of the year, Diamantis has always found the time to engage in his true love, football. Continue reading

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