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Haiti: Football Trying To Rebuild

Seeing the daily images coming out of Haiti in the wake of the devastating 7.0 earthquake on January 12th, I ask myself numerous times how on earth will these suffering people possibly recover from the magnitude of the destruction? Surely we have seen few disasters in our lifetimes that can be placed on the same level as the loss of life and damage that this earthquake in Haiti has caused.

Football may not be the first thing on people’s minds when a catastrophic event likes this takes place and rightly so. However, football, can play a role when a nation is ready to rebuild after such a disaster.

I was able to speak with Haitian Football Federation President Dr. Yves Jean-Bart recently and he described in great detail the traumatic events of last month. Jean-Bart was in the FA headquarters at the time of the earthquake, meeting with other officials to discuss details for the participation of the U-17 Haiti Women’s Team in the upcoming CONCACAF Championship in San Jose, Costa Rica. Continue reading



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