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The One Game, One World Interview: Rohit Chand

For those watching the matches in Nepal’s Martyrs League this season, one of the top players thus far has been G’Five Machhindra FC defender Rohit Chand. The defender has put in a series of sparkling performances and has shown why he was the youngest player ever to represent the Nepali national team.

Chand’s play has brought him four Man of the Match awards during the league campaign and his play at the back has been one of the highlights of Machhindra’s season. The young stopper has led a defense that doesn’t leak too many goals, but he also can be a threat moving up the pitch.

Rohit Chand has been in fine form this season for Machhindra FC

This is the last of our three-part focus on Machhindra FC, an innovative club in Nepal that is growing all the time and appears to be on the cusp of challenging for the league title in the next year or two. Read on for our interview with Rohit Chand. Chand’s dreams, views on the game, and description of the sport in Nepal are worthwhile reading as we get a glimpse into the life of a footballer in Nepal and his aspirations for the future.

So enjoy our interview with Rohit Chand, a player who captains his club side at the tender age of 19. Chand is a player who represents the future of football in Nepal and many tip him as a sure bet to make a career abroad in the years to come. Continue reading



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The One Game, One World Interview: Eze Collins

Eze Collins’ road to football stardom may not be your typical footballer story, however the Nigeria-born striker has made a name for himself across Asia, turning out for clubs in India, Bhutan, and now Nepal.

Eze Collins

Collins is a talented frontman who has banged in the goals in virtually every place he has played. Now at Macchindra FC in Nepal, Collins is hoping to lead his current team to the top of the Martyrs League.

How long Collins stays in Nepal remains to be seen, though he doesn’t hide his affection for Machhindra FC. A move to Europe represents the player’s ultimate dream along with playing for Mozambique, the national team he selected to play for thanks to his mother’s citizenship. Collins ability can be detected while watching him in action and it’s no surprise that he was a former Nigerian U-17 National Team member.

One Game, One World was delighted that Collins was interested in answering a couple of questions and we became even more excited about the responses he gave us. How does a foreigner fit in Nepal? How did it feel being the first black man to play the sport in Bhutan? And how does he feel about the World Cup coming to Africa?

What follows are the views of a player who has grown up around the game, motivated by his parents and family. Read on for the inspiring tale of a footballer who has taken the road less travelled and, who at only 22, has most of his career ahead of him. Continue reading


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The One Game, One World Interview: Jason Culina

 Jason Culina’s 14-year career at the highest level is a portrait of the consummate professional. After getting his start with Sydney United in Australia, Culina was snapped up by Ajax so impressed were the Dutch giants with the young Australian player. He spent four seasons in Amsterdam before making the move to FC Twente where his career in Europe really took off.

Jason Culina will feature for Australia during the 2010 World Cup

One superb campaign at Twente was all the convincing that powerhouse PSV Eindhoven needed and Culina’s time in Eindhoven coincided with the club having one of the most successful periods in their history. Culina has over 300 professional matches under his belt, including 45 caps with the national side. Recently, Culina was given the captain’s armband for his country.

Culina now stars in the Australian A-League for Gold Coast United. Currently, he is back in Eindhoven training with PSV so that he can keep sharp for Australia ahead of their World Cup participation in June.

One Game, One World was able to catch up with Jason Culina and get his views on his career and football in general. Check out what this versatile footballer has to say about his start in the game, his time in Europe, and what it feels like to wear the Australian shirt. You’ll be seeing him on the fields in South Africa this summer wearing the green and gold for Australia and we are thankful he took the time to answer our questions. Continue reading


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The One Game, One World Interview: Fabio Lopez

He is the Don Fabio you don’t know. An Italian manager with the same first name and a fan of his far more famous and illustrious counterpart Fabio Capello, Fabio Lopez is a coach you probably haven’t come across yet, however at the age of 36, he is an ambitious and up-and-coming manager who is well known in Central Italy.

Fabio Lopez is a young, ambitious Italian coach

Hearing his story and listening to his views on the game is to get a glimpse of how difficult it is to make it big in the cutthroat world of a football coach. But it’s also intriguing to hear the tale of a manager who truly loves the game and has a burning desire to succeed.

To date Lopez has had but two full-time coaching stints in Lithuania’s top league and is a respected manager who has been an assistant coach, goalkeeping coach and scout for some of Italian football’s biggest clubs.

This well-rounded base will surely help Lopez as he seeks to further his career. One Game, One World was fortunate enough to speak with Fabio Lopez recently and hear about his career and football philosophy as well as his goals for his managerial career. There is a belief about Lopez that will certainly be an asset as trudges on down the difficult path of manager stardom.

This interview and profile is above all else a documentation of a man and his dream. Time will tell whether he will “make it big” in football, for now enjoy his unique take on the sport. Continue reading


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The One Game, One World Interview: Derek Rae

Football fans in the United States and many other parts of the world for that matter have been lucky enough to enjoy ESPN commentator Derek Rae’s polished delivery and expert play-by-play for years now. Whether it has been listening to Rae commentating on a Champions’ League match, World Cup classic, or European Championship fixture, the Scottish broadcaster’s superb style has complemented and enhanced many a football match in the last two decades.

The 1987 British Sports Broadcaster of the Year, Rae has been a fixture for American fans of the beautiful game since the mid-1990’s. He comes across as intelligent and respectful of the player, coaches, and officials that are involved in football and one always gets the sense while listening to him that this is a man doing something that he truly loves.

ESPN Commentator Derek Rae

Though Rae’s talents have seen ESPN assign him to lead commentator for Scottish Premier League matches this season, the good news for us in the States is that Rae will lend his voice to ESPN’s coverage of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

One Game, One World is proud to present to you our recent interview with this fantastic commentator. Read on for Rae’s take on being a sports broadcaster, Scottish football, having the smallest writing in the world, and his views of the upcoming World Cup. As always let us know what you think with your comments and enjoy the football insight of Derek Rae. Continue reading


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State of the Game: Nepal And Macchindra FC

At One Game, One World we are always looking for the stories that don’t find their way into the daily football headlines. We also want to bring you to the places where the heart of the game beats strongly regardless of where that may be. Which is why we are pleased to bring you a story on Macchindra Football Club.

Founded in 1973, Macchindra Football Club are based in Kathmandu, Nepal and in recent years have achieved great respect on the domestic front by finally achieving promotion to the Nepalese top-flight in 2005. A look into the story of the ‘Red Lions’ is to gain a fascinating insight into the current state of football in Nepal itself.

Macchindra FC's Emblem

With all the clubs in the 1st Division or Martyrs League as it known coming from Kathmandu, every match is a derby for Macchindra FC, and their closest rivals Rani Pokhari Corner Team (RCT) are only 200 meters away. Still, you won’t find the red hot atmosphere of many of the world’s derbies in Kathmandu as the football culture there is more of an embracing of the game rather than full-blooded support for one’s team. Continue reading


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The Globetrotting Goalkeeper

Jailed in Singapore, stones thrown at him by an angry mob in Albania, and cheating death in England. It all sounds like the life of an international spy rather than a  footballer. Lutz Pfannenstiel however is not your everyday player. The German goalkeeper has the distinction of being the only man to have played at the professional level on every continent (excluding Antarctica of course, though there are still plans for on!).


Lutz Pfannenstiel

So one can imagine that a career spanning nearly two decades and 25 clubs brings with it some unique experiences. And that is exactly what Pfannenstiel relayed to us at One Game, One World when we spoke to him recently.

Now in Namibia as player coach of Ramblers FC and goalkeeper coach for the Namibian national side, Pfannenstiel has not lost any of his desire for football. At first glance it might seem that his career took a path similar to if you spun a globe around and stopped it with your finger 25 times or so. However, upon listening to Pfannenstiel, who has played in nearly 400 matches in his career, you don’t get the ravings of a madman, but rather the inspirational football musings of a true globetrotting legend. Continue reading

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