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The One Game, One World Interview: Fabio Lopez

He is the Don Fabio you don’t know. An Italian manager with the same first name and a fan of his far more famous and illustrious counterpart Fabio Capello, Fabio Lopez is a coach you probably haven’t come across yet, however at the age of 36, he is an ambitious and up-and-coming manager who is well known in Central Italy.

Fabio Lopez is a young, ambitious Italian coach

Hearing his story and listening to his views on the game is to get a glimpse of how difficult it is to make it big in the cutthroat world of a football coach. But it’s also intriguing to hear the tale of a manager who truly loves the game and has a burning desire to succeed.

To date Lopez has had but two full-time coaching stints in Lithuania’s top league and is a respected manager who has been an assistant coach, goalkeeping coach and scout for some of Italian football’s biggest clubs.

This well-rounded base will surely help Lopez as he seeks to further his career. One Game, One World was fortunate enough to speak with Fabio Lopez recently and hear about his career and football philosophy as well as his goals for his managerial career. There is a belief about Lopez that will certainly be an asset as trudges on down the difficult path of manager stardom.

This interview and profile is above all else a documentation of a man and his dream. Time will tell whether he will “make it big” in football, for now enjoy his unique take on the sport. Continue reading



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