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State of the Game: Nepal And Macchindra FC

At One Game, One World we are always looking for the stories that don’t find their way into the daily football headlines. We also want to bring you to the places where the heart of the game beats strongly regardless of where that may be. Which is why we are pleased to bring you a story on Macchindra Football Club.

Founded in 1973, Macchindra Football Club are based in Kathmandu, Nepal and in recent years have achieved great respect on the domestic front by finally achieving promotion to the Nepalese top-flight in 2005. A look into the story of the ‘Red Lions’ is to gain a fascinating insight into the current state of football in Nepal itself.

Macchindra FC's Emblem

With all the clubs in the 1st Division or Martyrs League as it known coming from Kathmandu, every match is a derby for Macchindra FC, and their closest rivals Rani Pokhari Corner Team (RCT) are only 200 meters away. Still, you won’t find the red hot atmosphere of many of the world’s derbies in Kathmandu as the football culture there is more of an embracing of the game rather than full-blooded support for one’s team. Continue reading



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