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Monday Morning Kick-Off

Hello all, welcome to the Monday Morning Kick-Off. A couple bits of business to tend to first before we dive into some hopefully interesting football tidbits.

For starters, One Game, One World will go all World Cup starting in mid-May. We are planning previews of the teams, along with news, interviews, and stories ahead of the 2010 World Cup which begins on June 11th. This is a historic tournament, the first in Africa, and it means that here at OGOW we are excited to bring you coverage of the competition before, during, and after the competition.

Of course, there will be a million media outlets to receive coverage from, but we hope you will check out our mix of traditional and non-traditional coverage for perhaps something a bit different ahead of the world’s greatest sporting event.

Ok, well off we go for today’s Kick-Off.

Business End

Yes, we have reached what is commonly known as the business end of the season in many leagues, mostly Europe. In most leagues it is a two-horse race as Barcelona and Real Madrid contest La Liga, while Chelsea is attempting to hold of Manchester United in the English Premier League. Continue reading


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The Big Match: Real Madrid-Barcelona

It was one of the most important El Clasico matches one could remember. The winner would undoubtedly hold a major advantage in claiming the title with only 7 matches remaining. So when Real Madrid and Barcelona battled at the Bernabeu on Saturday evening it was all set up for another classic confrontation.


In the end what we saw probably wouldn’t reach classic status yet it was an enthralling fixture complete with some back and forth football and no shortage of intensity and desire from the combatants in question.

Xavi's Brilliance Led Barcelona To Victory


Real came out of the blocks quickly perhaps to no surprise. After last season’s 6-2 embarrassment at home to Pep Guardiola’s side, the Madridistas surely wanted to exact some revenge especially in a match of such importance. And let’s be honest, in the opening exchanges it was Manuel Pellegrini’s side who looked a bit more composed and dangerous in and around goal. Continue reading

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The Big Match: Barcelona-Valencia

Welcome to the first installment of our Big Match series. Here we will analyze and examine a particular match at length. It could be a huge European match featuring clubs from England, Spain, Italy, Germany or France or perhaps a derby from Argentina, Brazil, or even Australia and Greece. It could be a World Cup clash, or possibly a lower league match-up that for some reason or another has come to our attention (mostly it’ll just be talking about a match we’ve seen on television or have gone to).

 Please enjoy our first Big Match report on Sunday’s La Liga game between Barcelona and Valencia at the Nou Camp in Barcelona.

Perhaps it’s only comparisons to last season that have people questioning Barcelona’s likelihood of winning back-to-back La Liga and Champions’ League titles. Even the most optimistic of Barca supporters had to be thinking that there was no way the lofty heights of last season would be reached. Six for six in all the competitions they entered, how could that possibly be topped or matched?

In truth, Sunday’s clash against third-placed Valencia answered little to those wondering if this side is able to win La Liga and the Champions’ League again. The potential is there for a repeat of domestic and continental honors, but the question is can this side minus Samuel Eto’o and without significant contributions this season from his replacement Zlatan Ibrahimovic or fellow frontman Thierry Henry do the business during the business end of the season. Continue reading

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